Reducing communication costs: recommendations for reducing the cost of office telephony

The transition to IP-telephony is carried out without special costs and can significantly reduce the cost of communication services. Outgoing calls to countries of near and far abroad will become cheaper due to favorable rates of Internet telephony. According to millionaires, the main thing is not to earn a lot, but to spend correctly. The most successful businessmen always carefully monitor their expenses and try to keep them to a minimum. Why not follow their lead? For example, review and reduce communication costs. In addition, today there are many ways to save money on the phone. In some cases, with the right approach, communication costs can be halved or even more. You should also check the latest mobile plan offers for your telephone to reduce the cost. You can visit Offerte telefonia mobile to find the best mobile phone offers.

How to reduce communication costs?

Undoubtedly, communication costs depend on the size of the company – someone needs a pair of phones, while someone needs a call center. At the same time, on average, organizations spend up to 4% of their budget to pay for communication services, and this figure continues to grow.

How to save on communication? There are many ways available – for example, using programs like Skype, with which you can call other users for free, even if they are abroad, as well as make calls to regular mobile and landline phones at reduced rates. The mere use of such programs can reduce communication costs by 30-80%. However, this option is not suitable for large businesses, and for small organizations, it is not the most presentable form of communication. It is more suitable for communication between employees, but not for external communications.

The revision of the tariff will also help save money, as will the announcement of a tender for the provision of communication services. Separately, it should be said about IP-telephony, the possibilities of which are enormous – it allows you to reduce communication costs by 4-10 times! In some cases, it makes sense to outsource some of the company’s functions – for example, the maintenance of your own call center is not always justified from an economic point of view, and it is much easier and cheaper to entrust the organization of this service to a third-party provider.

We must not forget about the capabilities of modern virtual PBX systems, which allow you to analyze call statistics and reasonably manage costs.

What is right for you? It is impossible to say in absentia, it all depends on the specifics of your company, the level of telephony costs and current tasks. Therefore, we will consider all these methods in more detail.

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IP telephony

IP telephony is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over the Internet rather than analogue lines. To do this, you need to connect regular phones to a VoIP gateway, install special software on desktops, tablets or mobile devices, or purchase SIP devices that are slightly more expensive than conventional ones. The profitability of the solution can be assessed by comparing the tariffs for analog and IP-telephony. In the latter case, a minute of long distance calls will be 3-5 times cheaper than with a regular phone call, and international calls can be 20-30 times cheaper. After the introduction of IP-telephony, more than 20% of companies noted that their communication costs were halved, and another 18% noticed savings of 30-50%. IP telephony is suitable for companies with a developed network of branches, companies where many employees work remotely, as well as for those

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