Selling Home Automation – How Security Companies Can Succeed


The combination of home automation and security is an unbeatable one. It comes as no surprise that security companies are fast embracing automated systems along with conventional services. With such a system in place, the homeowner need not worry about the safety of their living space. Whether it is about forgetting to lock the backdoor or having a kid or senior alone at home, there is no apprehension or uncertainty.

The automated system lets them manage and keep track of the house from a remote location. Needless to say, this technology is amazing but selling it to the clients isn’t easy for security companies. If you are struggling to convince the customers about the automation of home security, here are some ideas to help.

Understand the hindrances and roadblocks

The biggest hindrance to completing a sale is the lack of consumer awareness and trust for the relatively new technology. The solution is simple; you just need to generate awareness so that the customers understand the difference between the conventional and the innovative. Also, they should know that you offer these state-of-the-art home automation products as a part of your services.

The next hindrance would be to convince them about the investment because these products are expensive as compared to the conventional ones. Homeowners may simply not perceive a need enough to justify the cost of investment. Knowing these hindrances is important so that you can find a solution to overcome them.

Make education the mainstay of your marketing initiative

Selling something beyond the ordinary is all about educating the buyers and making them realize the value of innovation. This is exactly what you will have to do to create a market for home automation products and services. Making education the mainstay of your Security marketing initiative is the ideal solution.

Use cases emerge as the best approach as they present simple hypothetical scenarios that all potential customers can understand regardless of their knowledge and inclination towards technology. Putting up these use cases on your website would help. Similarly, have these product stories floating around on your social media promotions. You can go a step ahead by creating video content because it has a high engagement value.

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Go the extra mile with support

Even if you can educate and sell home automation to your customers, the real challenge begins once they have the system in place. Since the technology is new, homeowners may experience glitches with them. As a provider, you need to be available to resolve these glitches whenever they come up.

Great customer support fosters loyalty and trust, which can get you word-of-mouth recommendations for the service. You will be able to retain the existing customers and acquire new ones as they propagate the service. These happy customers will even be willing to share positive reviews that can help you unlock the sales potential for the new technology.

Convincing buyers to spend on innovation is never easy but the only way you can achieve this objective is by educating them. Focus on selling value rather than the product itself and they will surely buy!

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