What Are the Factors That Determine the Success of the PPC Campaign?


This article deals with the very basics of PPC, which stands for pay-per-click is a form of the business model used in advertising. This is another very beneficial tool for ones who have newly set up their websites or business online and wish to get their work advertised for collection of more customers.

For a start, one can resort to PPC advertising companies for expert handling of the market.

What is pay-per-click?

Pay-per-click is a business model that functions specifically on the internet. Advertisers use this business model. By using this business model, advertisers pay an amount of fee every time their advertisements get clicked on. PPC model of business is one of the many ways to gain visitors in a manner that is far from organic. The visitors are earned.

What factors does a successful PPC campaign depend on?

A successful PPC campaign depends on several factors like keyword bidding quality score, competitors and creative.

  1. Keyword bidding:

One most important factors that work as the determinant to a good PPC is the bidding of keywords. Google ads, Yahoo, Rediff, Microsoft ad centre, all of them utilise a CPC model in order to make a calculation of the positioning of your ad on good and the cost of pay-per-click. Higher the bid, higher the amount your keyword gains.

  1. Quality score:

A great quality score can aid your ad to shine the brightest even with a lower number of CPCs and vice-versa. Quality scores actually influence your pay-per-click cps model.

  1. Competitors:

You must keep a strict vigil on your competitors. Be Sherlock. In the domain of marketing, one key element for steady growth is to follow what your competitors are up to but never plagiarise their plans and strategies. The trick is to think along different lines that you feel your competitors have missed out on.

  1. Creative:

Creative here means the content of your business, website or page designing and how in best possible innovative ways you can present your organisation, service, or page to your audience. Unique creativity will inevitably help your ads to gain more customers than your competitors.

In order to launch a successful PPC campaign, one should conduct thorough market research. Good market research will yield the desired results. Market research happens to be the main component of good advertising.

How does the business model of pay-per-click work?

Search engine advertisement happens to be one of the most popular forms of PPC. Advertisers can bid for the placement and positioning of their ads so that product and services get maximum customer visits. A relevant keyword is placed, which is related to the service or product that is being advertised, and in this manner, the visitor is taken to the website or page that offers that particular product or service.

Every time when a visitor clicks on the advertisement of a product or service, the advertisers of that product or service pay a small fee amount to the search engine. The fee amount that is paid by the advertisers to the search engines is very trivial, but the payment is made on a daily basis. However, there is a catch to it. If the users who are paying visits to your page or website selling services or products, find it useful or if their interests are satiated, then google reduces the amount of fee. This increases the customer base of your business.


Pay-per-click is definitely one of the most useful tools for people who are beginners in setting up their own businesses. PPC is one promising tool that ensures high growth of your business. It is secure and is cost-effective, which makes it worth the try.

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