How To Take Your Trade Show Strategy To The Next Level


Trade shows are back after the pandemic lull, and they are more competitive than ever. Every brand wants to put its best foot forward because customers are keen to attend these events. There are good chances of engagement and lead generation if you can stand apart and impress your target audience. But you cannot rely only on the time-tested tactics to win on both fronts. You must go the extra mile to gain an edge and enhance your visibility amid the crowded trade show floor. Let us share a few actionable steps to take your trade show strategy to the next level in the new normal and beyond.

Plan ahead

As trade shows are open again, you will probably want to go full throttle with the strategy. But it is easy to forget about events when you register far in advance. But the last thing you should do is leave things to chance with trade show planning. In fact, you must plan far ahead to ensure everything is in place. Pick qualified sales reps and train them, arrange for flights and hotel rooms, and promote your presence on social media. Avoid last-minute hassles to make the trade show experience smooth and successful.

Decide your goals beforehand

Besides planning, you must have clear goals beforehand to ensure making the most out of the event. Your objectives may vary from launching a product to creating brand awareness and generating leads. You may even target multiple goals, but remember to keep them realistic and measurable. Knowing your goals in advance enables you to focus on the right promotional tactics with a targeted approach.

Gear up with your promotional assets

Visibility is one of the significant challenges at crowded events where you have to compete with several brands. Choosing a strategic space on the event floor gives you a good start, but exceptional promotional assets take things a notch higher. Invest in high-quality, eye-catching trade show displays to ensure visibility. You must also have memorable giveaways and merchandise to make a mark on the audience.

Think beyond exhibiting

While the look and feel of your trade show booth can capture attention, you need to go the extra mile to hold it. Think beyond exhibiting your brand and offerings, and find ways to engage with the audience. Have trained professionals to interact with the visitors and ensure engaging conversations. You can even host a game or contest to pull the crowds. Be a speaker because this is your chance to show your expertise and build credibility.

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Create a follow-up strategy

A viable follow-up strategy is another significant element of trade show success. It ensures that your target audience remembers and recalls your brand even after the event. You can propel the marketing outcomes further by reconnecting with the audience through personalized messages and emails. Utilize the visitor contact information and data to create impressive follow-up campaigns that make them stick with your brand.

Trade shows can boost your marketing plan beyond your imagination, so you must invest in them without second thoughts. Follow these tactics to derive the best benefits from every event you participate in.

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