Technological Innovations That Make the World a Better Place


When you say tech, most people think of expensive gadgets and pricey gaming setups, but technological innovations are not just for gamers or people with a lot of disposable income. Technological innovation is being used to improve people’s lives in a number of different ways, from making it possible to attend college classes anywhere in the world to a rise in safety features in automobiles and more. Technological innovations can also give us the tools to live more sustainability, more thriftily, and more humanely.

Smart Homes

Smart homes, those networked houses that feel straight out of the future with their ability to regulate temperature, water the lawn, and inform residents when they are running low on milk or butter, are not just costly toys. Smart homes and smart technology can actually be important tools in sustainable living because they can ensure that very little goes to waste.

For example, a smart thermostat can detect which rooms have people in them and only provide heating or cooling for that room. A sprinkler system can determine how much water a lawn needs and water it just that amount. Smart homes can even detect patterns of schedules and how they move about the house in order to use resources most efficiently.

Personal Budgeting

Perhaps less exciting than smart homes but accessible to all and genuinely life-changing for many is the explosion of tools that assist in personal budgeting. From the sophistication of artificial intelligence that can offer investment suggestions to simple apps that help get a handle on debt and monthly spending, budgeting has never been easy even for those who are anxious about money and who would rather spend as little time as possible thinking about it.

Instead of having to track your spending to figure out where your money goes in a month, there are apps that can do this for you. There is also an array of tools to help you with your financial decision-making. For example, if you are considering refinancing your student loans, you can use a student loan calculator to help you determine what your savings would be. This can help direct you to the best lender and the best offer for your needs.


Drones can be a lot of fun, but they also have a number of other uses. Unfortunately, they have been used in conflict-heavy regions as instruments of war, swarming, or dropping tear gas. This provides additional challenges for organizations that are finding they can also be excellent tools in humanitarian aid.

Drones can deliver food, medicine, and other necessary supplies in hard to reach areas in emergencies. One type has even been developed that has components that can be taken apart to be used as shelter and burned as firewood. They can also be critical in search and rescue efforts. Landmine removal drones can make formerly war-torn areas safe for humans and animals without risking any lives in the process.

Drones may be able to prevent disasters before they happen in some cases as well. For example, they can fly over terrain where landslides may be likely following an earthquake and identify potential danger areas.

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