Things to Check Out Before Buying a GX SmartWatch


Due to a hectic lifestyle, we miss a lot on the substantial things that include our health. However, technological advancements make it possible to keep an eye on your health while leading a busy lifestyle. A GX Smartwatch is an Android and iOS compatible smartwatch with several intelligent features.

With its rising popularity, it wouldn’t be surprising if you want to buy one. Here, we have discussed a few important things to check before purchasing a GX smartwatch.

Know the Specifications

A GX Smartwatch review can tell you about the specifications, pros, and cons of the smartwatch. It is always good to gather information about the product you want to buy. This will ensure you buy the right product and don’t fall into the trap of fake products. Here are some necessary specifications that you should go through.

The GX smartwatch is powered by a Nordic NRF52832, a general multi-purpose SoC (system on chip). It offers generous RAM (64 KB) and storage (512 KB + 64 MB) and a rich set of a varied collection of peripherals and features. The screen size of the watch is 1.3 inches TFT full touchscreen with a resolution of 240X240 pixels. It comes with a 300-mAh battery and features a magnetic charging connector.

Features in GX SmartWatch

If you don’t understand technical babble in the specifications, it is always good to read a useful GX Smartwatch review to understand features in detail.

IP68 Rated Water and Dust Resistant

An international IP68 rating backs the GX smartwatch which means that it is deemed to withstand dirt, dust, and sand. It is also water-resistant up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes.

In simple language, you can wear it while going for a swim or don’t have to worry if you drop it in a pool.

Seven Watch Faces to Match Your Mood

One of the attractive features of smartwatches is the ability to change the watch face. The GX smartwatch offers you multiple choices in watch faces. You can change the watch face every minute if you wish to.

Latest Health Monitor Functions

The GX smartwatch can act as a personal health official. It comes with several astounding features that keep an eye on essential aspects of your health. The smartwatch comes with a pedometer that counts how many steps you have taken in a day and tells you how active you have been. It also comes with an ECG that monitors your heart. It can also measure your blood pressure and blood oxygen level.

Extended Battery Life

You need to charge the smartwatch at some point in time. But most smartwatches have a terrible battery reputation. Many users complain of keeping their smartwatches connected to the wall socket most of the time. The GX smartwatch is different. It comes with a fast charge feature.

Charging it for one hour will ensure you can wear the smartwatch for 3-5 days without recharging. This means you will spend more time using the watch and less time charging it.

Attractive Design

The watch has a smooth and fabulous design. You will experience a fantastic vibe when you wear it. There is no doubt the GX smartwatch is an excellent product that can keep you updated with loved ones and check your well-being.

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