3 Ways Tik Tok Influencers Get so Many Followers


How would you feel about 118 million people following your life story? That’s how many fans follow the most influential TikTok user on the platform. Influencer marketing on TikTok rivals traditional marketing.

But how do TikTok influencers get followers? And how much do TikTok influencers make on each video?

I’m as interested as you in learning about influencer engagement on TikTok. So I’m sharing what I’ve discovered about TikTok influencer PR. It’s all helped me to understand the gravity of this social media giant.

Stick with me to find out 3 ways TikTok influencers get so many followers.

What Is TikTok?

In case you’ve been under a rock the past several years let’s start with the basics. TikTok is a social media application launched internationally by ByteDance in 2017. Using TikTok you can create and share short videos with sound and visual effects.

With TikToks musical overlays users record lip-syncing videos of up to 60 seconds. TikTok dance challenge videos attract listeners to further popularize trending songs.

TikTok is a global phenom. The U.S., Germany, and UK TikTok influencers get 95% of app users to engage weekly. With over 2 billion downloads, TikTok’s one of the biggest marketing tools.

Many popular brands use TikTok influencers to garner consumer’s attention.

And you could make money as a TikTok influencer. Do you know what a minimum of 10,000 subscribers and 270 million views can get you? Believe it or not, you could earn $100,000.

Now here’s what you stuck around to find out. How do you gain a meaningful share of the 800 million monthly TikTok users worldwide? Follow these suggestions to get started:

  1. Get to Know Your Target Audience

When considering content for TikTok remember this popular phrase. It says, “If you build it, they will come.” In other words, there’s someone out there interested in what you have to offer.

Create the right mix of content to lure and keep your target audience and they will come.

Let’s say you grew attention by talking about baseball highlights. It’s ok to take part in TikTok dance challenges every now and again. But your audience expects the latest in sports so dancing won’t keep them engaged.

  1. Post Original Content

Success with TikTok relies on standing out. Don’t post what followers can find on less popular social media platforms. You’ll get lost in the TikTok noise.

If you’re a fashion designer your audience needs to see more than you in trending outfits. Talk about your inspiration and your process for creating designs. Tell how your designs bring change to the fashion industry.

  1. Buy TikTok Followers

You may think of this as a last resort but it’s an option. Some people try all the tricks to gain an organic following but not enough users seem to care. To get TikTok fans without all the work you can buy followers.

Reaching the TikTokFor You page is a huge milestone for influencers. Buying followers is an easy way to TikTok gratification. But you still have to remain creative to provide your new followers with a reason to stay connected.

Be Among the Top TikTok Influencers

Becoming one of the top TikTok influencers sounds intimidating but it’s possible. Find the right formula of creative content and keep it coming. Once your target audience finds you make certain to give them what they want.

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