Top 5 mattresses for heavy people


All of us want to get a good night’s sleep. However, it will be impossible for you to achieve it if your bed sinks and sags after just a couple of months. That’s not only money wasted, but missed precious sleep as well. Because of this, you must choose a mattress designed to accommodate your body weight.

If you weigh over 150 lbs, you may want to look for a mattress for heavy people. In this article, let’s explore the benefits of this type of beds and discover the best mattresses for heavy people.

Why Invest in a Mattress for Heavy People

A mattress for heavy people is designed to support people who weigh up to 300 lbs. With their materials’ durability and their intricate design, they can support heavyweight without sinking or sagging after a few months. As a result, you can sleep on them comfortably for years.

Top 5 mattresses for heavy people

Top 5 Mattresses for Heavy People

According to this guide from SleepStandards, here are 5 of the top 5 mattresses for heavy people you can find in the market today:

1.     Titan by Brooklyn Bedding

Claimed by the manufacturer as the plus size solution for plus size sleep, the Titan Mattress offers film-level of support that offers balanced pressure point relief for the sleeper.

What makes this mattress suitable for the heavy sleeper is its 6-inch core comprised of 961 individually encased coils that are meant to provide industrial support and a solid and stable surface. The coils also have motion isolation features, which is perfect for couples.

At the top of the core lies a responsive and contouring foam. A cooling quilted gel memory foam then follows it.

Solid, cool, and comfortable—that’s how your sleep will be on this Titan mattress.

2.     Helix Plus

Here’s a mattress that’s designed not just for heavy people but tall people as well! The 13-inch mattress comes with an additional support layer for the ultimate comfort, durability, and support.

The medium feel top of the bed is made from contouring memory Plus Foam and the trademark Helix Dynamic foam that’s highly responsive and provides the right amount of giving and take

The mattress’s highlight is its ultra-breathable cover with Tencel temperature Regulation Technology designed to help you sleep cooler and better.

3.     Saatva HD

If you’re looking for eco-friendly options for a mattress for a heavy sleeper, the Saatva HD is one of the best choices. The mattress has an organic cotton cover that is both comfortable and safe for the environment.

            What makes this mattress an excellent option for heavy people is its pocketed high-grade steel coils. Aside from being highly durable and supportive, the coils are also very quiet so you can sleep peacefully at night

4.     Big Fig

The Big Fig Mattress comprises high-quality materials designed to serve you for up to 20 years! Having 3 layers of polyfoam and 1600 individually encased coils, you’re sure that the mattress won’t sag or sink for two decades.

The mattress topper is a ThermoGel treated fabric that helps you stay cool at night and prevent night sweats. That’s not all. The mattress comes with a frame with 18 slats to support five times the weight that other standard mattresses can support.

5.     Leesa Hybrid

If you tend to toss and turn around at night, you may want to check out the Leesa Hybrid mattress. It has over 1000 pocketed springs that can respond well to your sleeping movements and positions.

The 5-layer construction comprises a 1.5-inch cooling mattress topper, 1.5-inch contouring memory foam, 1-inch foam layer, 6-inch spring layer, and a 1-inch support base.

With all of these features and layers, this is the best option for the combination sleeper.

Final Words

Which is the best mattress for heavy people? For us, it’s no other than the Titan by Brooklyn Bedding mattress because of its motion isolation features.

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