How Much Do Top App Developers Make?


Many new and budding internet entrepreneurs would like to know how much top app developers make from their Apps. As we all know, the App Store is a giant cash cow for Apple, and developers need to rake in big bucks to stay in business. This is where they make their cut, although it could be much more. Here are some facts that might surprise you to give you an idea of how much they rake in.

Top Grossing Apps

iTunes alone earn billions of dollars in a year. The biggest grossing iPhone app of all time earned more than $6 billion. Not bad, right? Now imagine if your App was a huge hit or even the second best seller in its category!

Top-grossing apps like Angry Birds earn them more than their counterparts, which continues to rake in money years after its release. With these kinds of earnings, it’s no wonder they can afford to hire thousands of people to build new apps. They have unlimited budgets. And yes, they get their cut from the apps they sell.

Affiliate Network

As far as how much they get from selling apps, they get paid in two ways: through the App, they develop themselves or through an affiliate network. Big-name developers don’t create most apps that sell for more than a few hundred dollars but rather smaller ones. They don’t get paid much of anything else. However, some of these apps get sold for thousands of dollars.

Cheapest Apps

Top app makers make millions off the App they sell, and of course, the more popular they are, the more they make. The average price for the cheapest apps is under twenty dollars, but some of the most popular ones can reach over a hundred dollars. They do this by having affiliates sign up to their program who then promote the App for them. Those who sign up have to make a certain amount of revenue per month or get no commission for the sale.

Top app makers will usually have an in-app purchase option, where you can pay just once for the App. They will then send you a portion of the revenue they made from the sale to your account. You can then make purchases within the App. Many times this is not even a monthly subscription. You can create as many assets as you want each month without ever worrying about making another app.


These are the two ways they make money: through the sale of an app and the number of sales they have each day. If an app doesn’t make a sale, it doesn’t make money. However, if it does well, you may be offered an incentive to keep selling the App. This means additional commissions or even an iPad or iPhone for free.


How much do top app developers make? It varies quite a bit, depending on how much they want to make. Some will create dozens of apps every week, generating hundreds of dollars per month. Others will create a few popular ones that produce only a few dollars per month. Still, others have one or two good apps that pull in a little bit of cash every month.

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It’s essential to be realistic when trying to guess how much you can make. Don’t expect to earn six figures per month by building an app. That’s unlikely to happen. But it’s possible to make enough money to quit your day job and devote the time necessary to develop your App.

Serious Apps

How much do I need to make money from my first App? This varies greatly. There are no hard and fast rules about how much you need to make, but it’s a good idea to have at least some revenue coming in before you go on to develop more serious apps. After all, even the best apps require continuous updates, and you’ll need some income coming in to pay for these.


Top app makers make their money by selling apps on the iOS marketplace. They allow individuals to download their apps for a price and use them on their mobile devices. When an individual buys an app, he pays a small fee to the developer. If the App is widespread, the company makes a bit of money off the sale and then takes a small cut from the cash left behind for other expenses.

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