Top Indoor Things To Do In Phoenix, USA


The fifth-largest city in the United States is a vibrant and a great place to live and work. More importantly, it is an exciting place to have fun. The city is surrounded by vibrant art and culture, a host of cultural attractions, and a variety of options for travelers to indulge themselves. Sure, everything looks excellent outdoor in Phoenix; however, it is often a good idea to stay indoors when it is either too cold or too hot. Read below the list of indoor things to do in Phoenix.

Things To Do In Phoenix When It Rains

  1. Visit the StarFighter Arcade 

A visit to the StarFighter Arcade is a way to re-live your childhood moments. Open throughout the week for endless fun; the arcade has over 45 modern and classic pinball machines. It also features more than 115 classic video arcade games, and there are bottled water, soda machines, and candy for refreshment. One of the best things about the place is its rare classic game collection that is designed for people of all age groups.

  1. Tilt Studio

The 40,000 square foot and two-story family entertainment center is hosted in a clean, safe, welcoming, and fun environment. The studio is another place that brings a classic feel to life. This is thanks to more than 150 new and classic videos. There are also redemption prizes for every game that you play.

Not just this, the studio serves a wide variety of regional and American cuisine. Plus, you can build your cooking with the toppings of your choice. Immerse yourself in the vibrant game of Time Freak with sound effects, 3D facades, heart-pumping music, and all-around excitement.

  1. Visit Uptown Alley 

Take a walk inside Uptown Alley and enjoy massive fun. With 40 high tech bowling lanes, the alley treats casual and league bowlers to endless excitement. There are also 15-foot projection HDTVs, modern scoring systems, blacklight party bowling lights, and gutter bumpers for starters.

The place features a virtual reality multiplayer experience where you can go on adventures with zombies and robots. The sports theatre provides a front seat for sporting games, and there are tasty snacks and drinks around the alley.

  1. Go speeding at K1 speed 

Lovers of fast cars relish every visit to the K1speed center. The racing center lets you enjoy speeding at up to 45 mph on high-grip surfaces. As a result, it enables you to push yourself to the limit through corners and lanes. If you don’t want to drive, you can use the speed center to host birthday parties or group parties.

  1. Desert Diamond Distillery

The Desert Diamond Distillery is the oldest of its kind with tasty rums, whiskeys, vodkas, and lunch. A tour of the Distillery opens you to the World of drinks with friendly tour guides and hosts. Wrap up your visit by eating in the Distillery. Besides, the tastings offer enough opportunity to fill yourself.

  1. Visit the Heard Museum

Educators and art enthusiasts will find a visit to the Heard Museum, one of the best places to visit in Phoenix. The museum has sections that host exhibits from many tribes and so much inside to explore. Each exhibit is beautifully displayed with descriptive signs. You can also visit to watch artist display their work and performances by musicians on weekends.

  1. Go rock climbing 

Indoor rock climbing at AZ on the rock is an excellent way to enhance your mental and physical growth. The center provides facilities in a challenging environment for exciting rock climbing experience. The climbing gym is open to advanced learners and beginners. There is also a ninja and yoga training center for adults and kids. Visit AZ on the rock on one of your visits to climb, yoga, and feel like a ninja.

  1. Take a trip to the Makutu Island 

Explore the magic of the Makutu Island set in an evergreen lush. The exciting indoor Island features mysterious caves, climbs, bungee jumps, arcade, café, and so much more. The Island structures done by Disney are an excellent place to host indoor family fun, including birthday parties.

The magnificent tree inside the Island is filled with mole holes, tubes, tunnels, and slides. The snake slide starts on the fourth level and extends to more than 35 feet around the tree to its base. Adjoining structures like the pirate coves, Blue fantasy tree, and palm slide are other places of fun.

Exploring Phoenix As An International Traveler 

The city of Phoenix is home to historic places and diverse cultures. Little wonder why it is the desired destination for many international travelers. For a visit for pleasure and sightseeing, we recommend that you apply for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). ESTA Visa application is open to travelers for countries covered under the visa waiver program without a visa.

By implication, you can apply for ESTA and travel to the US without applying for a visa. However, the visit must be on pleasure or business and must be less than 90 days. It takes an estimated average time of 23 minutes to complete the application, and the visa is accepted or declined in not more than two days. Much better than applying for a visa. Check out ESTA questions to fast-track your application.


There are hosts of indoor activities to enjoy on your travel to the amazing city of Phoenix. The sun valley is a great place to visit with family and friends. Be sure to check out our recommended indoor activities and explore to relish your visit.

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