Credit Card Scam? How to Track Employee Activity


Many companies that witnessed increased credit fraud started to use employee monitoring software. As technology is advanced, the possibilities of scams have increased. An employee that has access to company-owned devices can easily make money from their employer without getting noticed.

That’s the reason for the popularity of spy apps for android phones across the globe. However, apart from credit scams, there are other frauds that businesses face. You can solve these problems with WiSpy best employee monitoring app. It works in stealth mode that means your employees won’t notice that you are spying on them.

It will help in catching the traitor. If you find a specific person guilty, you can spy on him instead of installing a tracking app on all company devices. As a result, you can save your data and grow your business with local people around you. TheWiSpy will catch the deceivers from your company space.

1.     Time fraud: Misusing company time:

When you hire an employee, you expect them to give their 100% time to the work so your company can grow. But instead of doing their job, they start wasting time using cell phones or doing personal chores. According to a recent report, workers have been caught misusing the internet for watching entertainment. It’s called time fraud, and you can stop it with the help of TheWiSpy.

TheWiSpyemployee tracking solution:

·       App monitoring:

TheWiSpy is the best app for android that lets the end-user monitor the installed app activity. You can log in to any target account and view their online history, chats, and posts. In addition, you can add restrictions to certain apps or block them so your employee won’t use them during office hours.

·       Website tracking:

TWS offers full tracking of visited websites; you will have access to web browsers on the target device. You can view history, saved cookies or pages, and block sites if your feel like it.

·       Text message tracking:

Texting is common among people; employees waste time communicating with friends or family all day. You can keep track of their SMS through SMS tracker feature and ensure they’re working during office hours.

·       Call tracking:

You can keep track of calls on company-owned devices; as an employer, you provide technical devices so workers can use them to expand the company or contact clients. But some employees use it for personal calls and waste time, you can check call logs and contact details from the spy app for android.

2.     Credit card scam: Employee stealing money:

A credit card scam is a serious crime, but most employees get away with it. That’s because credit card companies don’t send alerts every time fraud occurs. However, if you noticed your account is not adding up, you should monitor your team members. Most importantly, keep an eye on those who have access to employee accounts, such as the HR team.

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TheWiSpyemployee tracking solution:

·       Keylogger:

You can prevent these scams by using THEWISPY keylogger feature. It will put restrictions on specific keywords such as typing account details, etc., only a legal person will have access to financial accounts. In addition, it will save typed passwords so you can check each employee account to identify who commit the fraud.

  • WhatsApp Spy App

You can easily monitor WhatsApp conversations with the help of the best WhatsApp Spy App for android to make sure if your employee shares any important details of your company accounts with someone else illegally.

·       Geofencing:

You can use the geofencing feature to get alerts every time your employee will visit a bank or ATM. You can check their activity and find out who took money from your company illegally.

·       Email monitoring:

TheWiSpy offers email monitoring where you can view exchanged emails of your team members. So, for example, when a bank or credit card company sends emails about the transfer, you can find out about the real deceiver.

3.     Information fraud: Exchanging sensitive information to competitors:

High-profiled companies have sensitive business data, and if the secret information leaks, it could result in huge losses. For example, your client’s information or secret products of a project can be leaked. Of course, some internal employees can do such a thing, but you can catch the fraud with the help of TheWiSpy.

TheWiSpy employee tracking solution:

·       Multimedia files monitoring:

The best spy app for android provides you access to the stored files on the target device. You can view files and make changes remotely. For example, if you find out that your employee has succeeded in getting private information, you can delete the file and take legal action against the employee.

·       GPS tracker:

If you suspect anyone that can break your trust, then you can install TheWiSpy on their device. TWS has an advanced feature called a GPS tracker that will help you track every worker’s movement. If they meet any of your competitors, you can find the location and stop them from fraud.

·       Surround recorder:

Start hearing the real-time conversation between your employee and the person trying to get to your company secrets. With the help of the surround recording feature, the microphone will record live audio and send it to the account. You can find out the purpose of the deceiver by listening to the audio.

·       Spy camera:

It doesn’t matter if you can’t be present at the meeting that your worker is attending. However, if you have doubts about your employee’s loyalty, then use the spy camera feature. You will get pictures of live events, and then you can ensure what’s happening behind your back.


Don’t let anyone take advantage of your company; if you don’t trust your team with money, start tracking them. TheWiSpy is the best employee monitoring app that can help you find the conniver in the company. It has advanced features that you can use to prevent crimes/scams and save your private information.

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