5 Best Free Website Builders For Photographers


Creating an online portfolio for your work of art has never been this easy. With a website builder, you don’t have to worry about coding anymore. You can show the world your skills in photography effortlessly, and it’s free! So, if you’re ready, here are the top 5 free website builders for photographers like you:

1. Wix

This website builder is on top of our list not just because they are one of the most popular web builders, but also because they have the most straightforward platform for photographers to create their online gallery. They designed their services to provide beginners with the utmost creative freedom possible without overwhelming their users.

With over 30 out of 500 templates intended for photographers, you won’t have any trouble choosing a perfect look for your unique space. It is a simple drag-and-drag editor where you can place images and texts on your webpage smoothly. They also offer an image upload manager that you can use to edit, review, and manage your photos quickly.

You get access to all the necessary functionality for free. But, in case you want to obtain additional storage space, e-commerce features, and other dedicated services targeted for photography, you would need to subscribe to one of the service’s affordable paid deals. For the free plan, you get 500MB of storage and bandwidth and a domain name.

2. Weebly

If you are looking for simplicity and just a quick way to get your contents online, Weebly is the right place to start. Their extensive range features and user-friendly system is all you need to design and share your artworks. It is a fast and efficient way to build your site. They provide you with a user dashboard that is easy to master and helpful tips from their support guides.

Weebly offers you access to 500MB storage and other useful tools at no cost. You can pick from their selection of templates to get a professional-looking site online in just a few hours. Or, you can purchase a Pro plan that gives you unlimited storage, no-ads, e-commerce functionality, and other tools you might need to grow your website.

3. GoDaddy

In a rush to get your website done? GoDaddy is offering you their free website builder that features a fast setup to help you publish your online portfolio in a flash. It is a very generous offer as they also provide you with unlimited storage and no-ads, just a tiny signature on the footnote. You can also add features like pop-ups and messaging into your site.

If you are not too critical about customizing the page’s design, you are in the right place. You don’t need any technical prowess or experience to use their platform. Their interface is very user-friendly. It also allows you to change themes whenever you want to, even after publishing it.

In terms of advertising, it is minimal compared to other free website builders. Aside from the footnote, your domain name would include ‘godaddysites’ in it. Check out couponlawn.com for great deals on other features like discounts on domain names, hosting plans, etc.

4. Strikingly

Don’t have a computer? You can still build and edit your site using your Android or iPhone. Strikingly is an easily accessible website builder that allows you to create unlimited one-page sites for your photography portfolio. It is a very convenient and straightforward process.

They have excellent themes that feature a clear call to action. You can also connect to their live customer support 24/7, all in a free plan. Although a single-page website is very limiting, you can do more with it using your creativity. For free, you can sell one product per site using the Simple Store feature.

Moreover, with their Limited plan, you can increase your bandwidth up to 50GB per month. It also allows you to sell a maximum of 5 products on your website.

5. Jimdo

What is great about this website builder is that you can easily transition to a paid version with their affordable plans. Their site templates are free and optimized for smartphones and tablets. If you need to purchase anything from their online store, you can get up to five articles free of charge.

Jimdo made website designing and publishing simple and easy. They give you only the most necessary tools, features, and an intelligent assistant to help you throughout the process. You have 500MB web storage, SSL encryption, and a small note at the bottom of your page.


Which site builder do you think has the best offer? There are plenty of free plans that would provide you an easy and quick way to design and publish your online portfolio. It is effortless, and all you need is your computer and loads of creativity. Save some work and your precious time and have a go at it.

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