What are the methods to build inbound links?


Many people buy links from the websites to rank their sites, but this method is not recommended to improve the authority of a website. The Penguin update and the subsequent ones that the Google algorithm goes through only want to offer their users the information that really deserves the top positions in the search engine, not the one that anyone can position because they have money in their pocket. You can still use some online link building services that use some authentic method, like Link lifting website.

Add links on external websites for link building

The easier it is to get a link, the less valuable it is.

Hence, the strategies that fall into this category, without being blackhat, are not as effective as the following (asking for and earning links ).

Enter your website in digital directories

Being on the Yellow Pages website may increase your traffic to a small extent, but it will not have a representative impact on your domain authority.

In general, directory websites have little relevance to niches within specific markets.

In addition, being a free and accessible way, many other people have also tried it to increase their links.

Comment on blog posts of related topics

We have already said on other occasions the importance of having a presence in the meeting places of your ideal clients.

Entering links to your website in blog comments that talk about the same topics as you, while not what will take your domain authority to the next level, can help you increase your visibility and build relationships with people in your industry.

As long as you add value in the comments and avoid spamming, this space can play a minor role in your link building strategy.

Remember that, by the location of the link, Google recognizes that it is you who creates the link and not the owner of the website.

Therefore, it is not as powerful as a backlink that is in that domain, but in the body of the article.

Ask for links to link building

This is a middle ground between adding the links on other websites and naturally earning them as we will see in the next category.

Its effectiveness is considerable, since the level of difficulty to get these links is higher than that of the previous block.

Behind them, each link achieved with any of the following strategies has a work and a meritorious character behind it.

Keep in mind that you will be asking for links and, for it to be a win-win situation and get a positive response, you should always ask yourself what benefit the other person will get from all this.

We hope you can easily build high quality links for your website through the methods we have shared in this article. Please don’t make backlinks on low authority sites or the sites that has spammy links in it.

You should always target better websites with good organic traffic to increase your site’s google rank.

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