Which Type of Drone is Perfect for You?


Despite the restrictiveness of current legislation , drones are a very attractive gadget due to their wide variety of designs, options and budgets, which is why many embark on the adventure of buying a drone. If this is your case, in this drone buying guide you will find tips to find the most suitable drone for you among a range of models ranging from 13 to 3,300 euros. Inspire 2 Göteborg can help you choose the right drone along with a perfect and trained pilot.

What to consider before buying a drone

If we are determined to buy a drone, the first thing is to be clear about what type of drone we want, the use we hope to give it and the investment to be made. Of course, we must take into account what the law says.

Types of drones

In general, we understand a drone as an unmanned aerial vehicle , although we also find land and water drones on the market. However, the most common and popular are aerial ones, and this article is focused on them.

Within this type of aerial drone we find recreational or leisure drones , which we will use to have fun with it in our hands, performing flights, stunts, snapshots and recordings of more or less quality, which can even touch the professional. As for drones for professional activity, the main difference with respect to the previous ones is found in the quality of its camera and in higher technical specifications, as we will deepen later.

Another way to classify aerial drones is by the number of rotors on the drone . In the entry range it is common to find quadcopters, that is, models with four rotors. This type of drone is simple, it is mainly oriented for indoor flight and it is easier to control thanks to managed flight systems. As we advance in the range we find models with six and eight engines where autonomy and speed increase, making the challenge of flying outdoors difficult. Other features such as stabilization or GPS come into play here.

Another classification to take into account when buying a drone is the possibility of assembling it yourself , something especially interesting if it is for racing, or that it is an RTF model, ready to fly as soon as it is removed from its packaging.

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Eye to the technical sheet: scope and autonomy

If we are already clear about the type of drone we want, it is time to take a look at the technical sheet, where we will find information regarding its autonomy and scope, two fundamental aspects when choosing a drone. And if we are going to use it to take photos or videos, we will also have to pay attention to how the integrated camera is.

The range is the operating radius of the drone , both in distance and in height. When a drone reaches maximum amplitude and loses contact with the controller or smartphone, it usually stops or returns to the starting point.

Obviously, the more radius, the more room for maneuver you will have to carry out your flights but also the more you will have to take extreme security. In the case of indoors it is not such an important aspect, but if you are going to use it outdoors, the minimum should be about 50 meters to guarantee a satisfactory flight experience. As we increase the budget, we find functions such as GPS or height limiter to better control the location of the drone.

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