Quick Guide When Buying A Wristwatch For Men


A wristwatch is a perfect gift you can give for any occasion. It suits both men and women. Also, it is handy and very functional. Plus, it is readily available in shops.

Women love wearing fancy and trendy watches, while men have a different preference. Buying an exceptional timepiece for your husband is quite challenging, especially if you don’t know what type of wristwatch he prefers.

Buying a watch is not all about the exterior. To help you with your dilemma here is a quick guide when buying men’s wristwatches.

What To Look For When Buying A Watch

In general, men favor a watch for several reasons. It is not solely about the brand, but it is about the purpose. To answer your uncertainties, we list down the things you need to check when buying a wristwatch.

Type of Movement

The movement or caliber is a very significant part of the watch. It is the mechanism that drives the hands on a watch face. It also powers its complications like calendar, chronograph, or dual time zone. The watch movement makes a watch tick.

Watch enthusiasts appreciate the mechanism on the inside of the watch. They are also aware of the different movements.

Quartz Movement

Quartz movement causes the second hand to move in individual ticks. It utilizes a battery. Human intervention is no longer needed to keep it ticking.

This type of movement has a low number of moving parts. It is durable and requires lower maintenance. Therefore, it is less expensive compared to mechanical and automatic watches.

The quartz mechanism barely veers from the exact time. It is preferable for regular use because of its superior accuracy and reliability.

Mechanical Movement

Mechanical movement requires manual winding to operate.

It is under the spring-driven mechanism or mainspring. It makes the second-hand move in a smooth sweeping motion.

Manual timepieces perform virtually the same as the quartz movement. However, there is no battery involved. Instead, the mainspring transfers energy through several springs and gears. It powers the function of the hands and complications.

With proper care, a well-built mechanical watch lasts a lifetime. Battery replacements hassle is nothing to worry about.

Also, a mechanical timepiece has an aesthetic appeal. The clear sapphire case back gives a clear view of the mechanism. You can see the fascinating rotations and oscillations of the minute working parts.

Mechanic watches are comparatively delicate and slim in shape. When buying a manual wristwatch, check the weight. A high-quality mechanical watch feels hefty in your palm.

Automatic Movement

An automatic watch is a self-winding watch. It harnesses the kinetic energy from the natural motion of the wearer. It drives the mainspring to automatically wound inside the wristwatch.

With an automatic watch, the ritual daily watch winding is no longer required. As long as your partner regularly wears it, the timepiece continues to function.

If you observe closely, automatic models are usually thicker than the others. The additional rotors are behind this.

A crafted mechanism defines a masterpiece. It separates from a mediocre watch. With this in mind, you know which timepiece is best for your partner.

Type of Watch

When buying a functional watch, it must serve its purpose in a man’s life. However, don’t neglect how it looks. There are five types of stylish men’s timepieces. Select which is suitable for your partner.

Diving Watch

Unsurprisingly, a diving watch is for divers. Its design functions in the ocean’s depth. Being water-resistant is its primary selling point. Both the case and the band are from corrosion-resistant metals.

Although a diving watch is for underwater use, it is versatile for everyday wear. All of its features give it a handsome look. The rugged construction, luminous dials and hands, and punchy unidirectional bezel are eye-catching.

If he is into watch modification, he can recreate his watch style.

Your husband can wear his modded watch to any outfit – sportswear, casual wear, business casual wear, and business formal wear. He gets to choose the materials and designs that soothes his taste.

Dress Watch

A dress watch is all about simplicity and sophistication. Among all the types of watches, it is the most jewelry-like timepiece. Usually, it has Roman numerals and a leather strap.

An ideal dress watch is super-thin. It rests unnoticed under the wearer’s cuff until he needs it. It is sleek but subtly draws attention.

The dress watch works by telling the time. It has no other specific function. Despite that, it complements any attire classically. Let your partner wear it in a business suit or tuxedo. It is also wearable in a sharp casual outfit. However, it is a no-no for a t-shirt and jeans.

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Pilot’s Watch

A pilot’s watch has a perfect balance of technicality and classic touches. It is also known as Aviator Watch. The original design makes timekeeping easy for pilots taking off into the wild blue yonder. A pilot watch is the first purpose-specific men’s wristwatch made.

Despite its functionality, a pilot’s watch is suitable for other get-ups. The size and casual look of the wristwatch is a good match with the casual attires. But it is not advisable for black tice and formal business wear.

Driving Watch

A driving watch (racing watch) has a close working relationship with motorsports. Racecar driving relies on accurate timekeeping. With a purpose-built timepiece, measuring the outcome of the race is easy.

A chronograph complication is a must-have in a driving watch. The stopwatch feature is handy when overtaking. Meanwhile, the tachymeter on the bezel measures the speed.

A racing watch looks flashy. With a bold look, it is more suitable for casual wear than formal attire.

Field Watch

A field watch manifests a rugged, military vibe. It remains stylish and functional at the same time. Watchmakers designed it for officers to coordinate attacks and tell time at night. It is a wristwatch that withstands the rigors of battle while still looking good.

Field watches are quite versatile. It allows your partner to wear it on all kinds of adventures. It pairs perfectly for everyday casual wear and even business casual. A field watch is probably the best bet for men who don’t get dressed in a suit very often.

With this information, identifying a suitable watch for your loved one is easy. Weigh your options based on the purpose and the outfits they wear daily.

After taking in the ideas above, you now have a better idea of which wristwatch to gift wrap. Great watches command status and respect. Observe what suits best to your partner. Then, choose the best functional and handsome timepiece.

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