Yoga Brings Harmony To The Body And Mind

The spiritual discipline called Yoga is older than any religion. The word ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means to unite or join. Yogic scriptures that date back five thousand years claim Yoga unites the individual consciousness with the Universal consciousness. A person who experiences this union is in a state of freedom or what some Yoga practitioners call Nirvana.

The mission of practicing Yoga is self-realization. Self-realization leads to a state of liberation where one experiences the oneness of existence with the All There Is. In modern times, Yoga is a therapy as well as an exercise system that reinforces fitness and health. Better physical and mental health are the by-products of practicing Yoga. But the main mission of practicing different forms of Yoga is to be in harmony with the universe. Yoga is all about harmonizing the individual geometry with cosmic harmony in order to achieve a high level of perception as well as mind-body interaction.

Yoga By Glo Is The Modern Online Way To Achieve Harmony As Well As Fitness

Practicing yoga doesn’t require the equipment that fitness experts recommend to build muscle mass and to keep the body functioning like a fine-tuned natural machine. Yoga is all about movement and aligning the mind with body consciousness. Seasoned Yoga practitioners can work up a sweat using the online Vinyasa Flow, and beginners can do the same thing by joining beginner online Yoga classes. Whatever a person’s level of experience, online Yoga can create a Yoga practice that is their own.

Yoga online by Glo offers 12 Yoga styles. People who want to practice Hatha, Kundalini, Prenatal, Postnatal, Restorative, Ashtanga, Lyengar, Tao Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Yoga Conditioning have their pick thanks to Glo’s 4,000 classes. Yoga practitioners can experience online Yoga at home or on the go using any personal device. Practicing online Yoga can happen on a Yoga mat or a bicycle, and it can also happen through conversation. One of the key points to remember is Yoga is a practice that syncs the body with the mind no matter what challenges surface at work, home, or travelling. Here take a Difficult Person Test.

Glo’s Mission Is To Bring The World Together To Heal

The Glo community is a non-judgmental platform, as well as an intimate platform that connects real people with real conversations about wellness, health, and fitness. It’s easy to confuse wellness with health and fitness. Wellness is a state where the mind is in sync with the body and the environment. Health is a state of compliance, and fitness is the state of achievement. Online Yoga by Glo provides the tools and the experiences that help people achieve those three states of being.

Glo’s mission is to help people wake up and listen to their inner voice. The inner voice that is always available to guide, instruct, and protect in order for people to achieve their full potential while they experience physical life. Glo empowers people to be of service to each other. And Glo gives people the opportunity to express their true feelings, cultivate passion, and to practice their innate inner values.

By connecting people through self-care, Glo believes people can heal themselves and the planet. Plus, Glo’s Yoga platform illuminates the mind and inspires the heart. Glo also nurtures curiosity and wonder. The company’s online Yoga empowers people so they can live and express their being. Glo also cultivates compassion and affirms inner values through community conversations as well as Yoga practices. Glo connects people through self-awareness and the desire to show people they are more than they believe they are.

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