Is Ed –Tech the future of education?


The entire education system has been immensely reversed as of now, the classrooms are not teacher-centric, and the students can interact well and learn well using graphics and visual. The education should not be pressurized only upon the quantity rather than it should focus on how to teach and increase the caliber of the students.

In the coming years, the investment in education technology would be proliferated, which would open many areas to the entrepreneurs to grab the opportunity and make higher profits compared to the competitors in the market. Ed-tech has already been growing and companies like Justlearn, BYJU’S and many others are growing at a speed of 10x.

Advantages of Education technology

As technology is being upgraded around the globe, it has become easier for students to grab the knowledge that they are seeking by sitting at their comfort. The competition has increased immensely with the help of so many opportunities that the students are getting.

The following are the ways due to which the ED-TECH is in demand.

  1. Active participation

Earlier the only way of teaching was between teacher and student, but as of now with the invention of smart classes and with the help of artificial intelligence and the machine learning the learning process has become fascinating to the students and it has become easier for them to understand the concepts as well.

Learning through visuals makes it easy for a student to memorize the subject contents than in comparison to only listening and learning, which would gradually increase the memory power of a student.

  1. Individual Focus

If a large number of students are sitting in a classroom, it would be hectic for a teacher to concentrate on every student sitting in a school. But with the help of E-learning, it has become easier for teachers to shift the focus from a group of students and work on the shortcomings of the individual student.

The teacher can change the time table and contents according to the student’s grasping power, rather than compel a student to learn and write in a pre-defined manner, which would enable a student to outperform in his studies.

  1. Easier method

In this highly technological world, each and everything is accessible without any hindrance. Therefore, even the students can study along with their jobs, along with their mundane activities. Earlier, teachers were the only source through which students used to get the knowledge, but now the scenario has been completely changed.

The classrooms are not teacher-centric, and the students have comprehensive options to get information through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Therefore getting information through graphics and audio listening is far better than one teacher always talking about various topics without any live examples and visuals.

  1. Accurate and trouble-free examination 

Earlier, the examination process which used to be conducted was cumbersome, and every student had to use the paper and pen and continuously wait for the results as soon as the exam got over. Filling in the details had to be done by the student on his own.

But now the process has become lesser complicated because now if the student gives an online exam, he/she can get to know the result immediately after that without any hurdle and the number of questions he has done wrong, and the time he required to work on a specific problem to solve it and many other things

With the help of all these things, the student can judge themselves on the shortcomings they have and work on it to get a better knowledge of the concept they are willing to study.

  1. Repetitive learning 

In the past years, when teachers used to teach, the only way to learn specific topics was to read and understand. Classes are held just for once, and the student is compelled to learn the matter at once only.

As technology had been increased, it has been more comfortable for the students to learn a specific topic through online lectures as many times as they want. The classes would be available to them whenever they want to learn. It hasn’t only made the learning process easy but also made the students more interested in the studies.


Last but not least, we cannot ignore the fact that teachers are also equally important for the students to enhance their interpersonal skills. The interaction between teacher and students would be increased only then the confidence in a student would be raised to speak up for what they want.

A student’s interpersonal skills are equally important along with the knowledge that they have gained only then the overall personality would be developed. Once the students get out of his comfort zone, communication skills and confidence matters a lot; therefore that is also equally mandatory to be developed in a child since childhood, and it can be enhanced with the interaction among their peer groups along with their teachers

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