How to develop a safe gaming environment?

“The more people who come forward and talk about how much they love gaming, how much they talk about individuality and diversity, the more gamers of color that come out and gay gamers that come out and everybody talking about what they love – that’s what the community has in common: a love of gaming.”

  • Aisha Tyler

The global records by NewZoo reveal the insights of the online gaming community, which may have started slow, but now there is no stopping. Professional online gamers are expected to spend up to $137.9 billion this year.

And with time, this already whopping amount will touch a higher position in the upcoming years. To be more precise, the global gaming world will make 2.725 billion by the end of 2021. Only Pokemon Go generated more than $2 billion in revenue.

Online gaming world and its increasing security issues –

Witnessing the never-ending craze of online gaming has given rise to the number of gaming fraud cases. Hackers are using new ways to seek personal information about individuals via their favorite games. It has somewhere created a hype between the professional gamers to preserve their details and gaming interest.

No one has ever imagined experiencing something like this ever in their lives. One of the biggest reasons gaming is turning out to be a delicate platform, in terms of data security, is using different devices and connecting to the internet.

Here is a list of device types used for gaming purposes that may end up at the risk of gaming security issues. The devices are mentioned with the estimated percentage of users to give you a clear idea of which category you fall in.

PC computers – 66% of gamers are using it.

  1. Most professional gamers use PCs (any branded or Macbooks) for gaming purposes for an improved gaming experience.
  2. One of the biggest reasons people prefer PC games is that it does not require a licensing fee to relish your favorite games.
  3. The gaming market is flooded with countless numerous online games available only for PCs.
  4. Besides anything, online gaming sounds much more convenient to play on PCs than any other device.

PS4 Console – 31% of gamers prefer it.

  1. As of March 2018, more than 34.2 million online gamers have turned into PlayStation subscribers permanently.
  2. Most popular games stealing the attention of millions and billions of people are available on the Playstation console, which adds to the overall experience in many ways.

Tablets and smartphones – 38% of gamers love to play games on these devices.

  1. Smartphones tend to have a firmer grip on the online gaming world. It is due to the increasing amount of convenience and comfort found in smartphones.
  2. Most games developed for the present age gamers are developed using hybrid technology to remain compatible with multiple screens and devices.

Browsers – 7% of gamers prefer online browsers to enjoy games.

  1. Generally, a newbie to the online gaming world prefers to play online games on browsers, leading to games with standard difficulty levels. This can be treated as an improvised version of ordinary mobile games.
  2. Most mobile games are flash or experimental games, often leading an individual to purchase a service or product at the last stage. These games are often made and encouraged for promotional purposes. Therefore, newbies often get trapped in such games.

How to ensure a safe gaming experience?

Online video games do not just mean enjoying virtual games. This has turned into a broad term encompassing different types of games, professional values, and much more. Where it has become one of the highest revenue-generating industries in the world, it has become a soft target of pro hackers to make illicit money. To avoid being a victim of your online gameplays, here is what you need to keep in mind.

Go for card sleeves – Join hands with the card-related sleeves, which ensures you the safest gameplay ever. Many professional gamers see it as an amazing platform to organize virtual parties while protecting your card information. Those who get into card games can minimize the risk factors without hampering the gaming experience at all. All such factors turn out card sleeves to be a wonderful medium to enjoy online games and keeps the card in pristine condition for a long time.

Monitor accordingly – We understand your mania for your favorite game and gaming hero but don’t forget to seek thorough information about the game in the lure of your virtual gameplay. Be it saving the credentials or entering your credit card details, make sure you do not get to see a new pop-up window that may redirect you to a malicious website or digital platform.

Protect everything – Before you sign in to your online gaming experience, make sure you keep a check on the security of the software. Run a malware check using the internet connectivity (preferably wifi connection) to strengthen your security measures. Here, good antivirus software can work as a protective shield against any harmful virus.

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Trusted sites – When it comes to enjoying games, online people tend to sign up on different unauthorized websites, leading to harmful viruses. Therefore, make sure to check the authenticity of the gaming website, see if it has a good rank and reliable position on the search engine or not. If not, try to avoid the gaming website as it can lead to malware practices—such websites hamper the software’s software and hardware functioning.

The last line –

The virtual gaming world is expanding its broad wings and influencing millions of professional gamers to join it. From playing games to adding more to the gaming passion, there are countless ways for people to celebrate games and make it their new profession. Now when people from different age groups have started to be a part of the gaming world, it has become essential to take some necessary steps and make games safer and healthier for kids and adults to relish.

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