How to Watch Free Online Movies


Watching movies online in this era is not difficult. And do not need to watch, but only on the computer Because we can see through Apps to watch movies now Just use the Internet and smartphones can be carried around and watched anytime, anywhere, looking at each other for a long time. It will be different. IPTVKing is also a good place to watch movies online for free. However, you should also try the below apps.

1. Netflix

If talking about movie-watching apps Many people will definitely think of Netflix because this app is good in many ways. The movies that are updated every week, both the original Netflix and the movies that hit theaters. Series since the west Until the hit series ever from Korea. We can choose whether to watch Thai dubbing. You can also click to watch Thai subtitles. The Netflix app also has a separate section with Thai movies, Western movies, series, kids movies and much more. Or have a movie that you want to see Can be kept in our list

2. iFlix

It can be said that it is another app to watch movies online in tandem with Netflix for iFlix apps that can watch movies, watch series, as well as watch TV as well. And like to watch TV shows because iFlix has it all for us to choose from There is a wide variety of categories. From adults to children, share Thai dubbing and Thai subtitles to choose from. Easy to use, easy to find movies that you want to watch very well.

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3. VIU

Apps to watch movies online. Especially for the Asian line Because the VIU application will have Korean, Thai, Chinese, Hong Kong, Japanese series mainly, which will go back from series from 2011 until 2020, including shows that have been on air on TV as well. Within the application Will clearly divide different categories Divided into series Or a list of each country Not only that, this app also has Lifestyle items such as cooking Tips for traveling, etc. Suitable for people who want to see a variety of things. Not just movies Or only series

This app is free to watch for some episodes only. But if you want to see everything in the app Must be subscribed to see the full version. But the price is not very expensive, starting at just 99 baht per month. Which is also worth the price If you like to watch series on the Asian side Because there are many apps in this app Complete in one app Let’s download and look at an example first.

4. We TV

Apps to watch movies online popular from the Chinese side. Of course, the movie And the series in this app must be mainly Chinese movies and Asian movies, including Anime as well. It is likely to be liked by fans of movies and anime as well for movies and series in this app. There are also many other Idol shows from China. With both Thai dubbing And lecture Thai for There is clearly categorization. You can choose to see if you want to see the country of Thailand, Korea or China.

This app can be viewed for free. But can be upgraded to VIP with a starting price of only 59 baht per month, you will get the right to watch new movies before anyone else Chinese and Anime fans must try loading. I guarantee that you can watch for a long time.

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