Flutter In-App Purchases


Flutter in-app purchases allow users of the Flutter applications to make purchases right from the application without going to any other payment gateway. It takes a few clicks to make their payments and improve the user experience. Flutter has introduced a Flutter package for developing in-app purchases in their apps on iOS and Android. Developers can develop different products using this package, like Flutter in app purchase subscription examples, upgrades, consumables, and others, depending on the monetization methods. 

Flutter In-App Purchases

What are Flutter In-App Purchases

When you buy something from within the application, you will want to set up a payment method in advance. It may include linking your credit card or another account like Stripe. This allows you to buy with a simple click. Let us take a Flutter in-app purchase subscription example. You will want to set up a payment method for the subscription purchase, which can be charged recurrently whenever the subscription period ends. The Flutter In-App Purchases package allows the developer to add this payment method and purchases through a click in their applications. 

What are Flutter In-App Purchases

Benefits of Flutter in-app purchases

  1. Flutter in-app purchases make it easier to buy rather than the initial payment. It increases your revenue. 
  2. It improves the user experience because they can easily upgrade to premium features when they use Flutter in-app purchase subscription examples or upgrade.
  3. It also gives valuable behavioral data about your users, including their buying habits and choices. 

Types of Flutter in-app purchases

Flutter in-app purchases are divided into different types, explained below.

1. Consumables

Consumables are usually one-time payments and do not need recurring payments. Examples are virtual currency, lives in a game, power-ups, coins, etc.

2. Non-Consumables

Non-consumable are the in-app purchases that do not get used up, so you buy them once and own them always. Examples are premium features, upgraded versions, premium digital content, etc. 

3. Subscriptions

Flutter in-app purchase subscription examples a year of a course or subscription for digital content, and it can also include recurring payments. Usually, you can get access to content or services and pay.

4. Bundles

Bundles offer products or services, usually at a discounted price. It may include all types of content or purchases.

5. Free Trials

A free trial is a limited time or limited amount of products or services to help users get a taste of it and make an informed purchase decision. 


Flutter in-app purchases open new horizons for developers and business managers. As the world is moving to an advanced digital era, applications, and software features are also increasing. According to research, the mobile payment market is $1.54 trillion, and it is predicted to grow from $1.97 to $11.83 trillion by 2028. So, Flutter developers need to incorporate in-app purchases to encourage the user to pay for your products or services without leaving the app. Flutter in-app purchase subscription examples, consumables, and other types of payments open up new doors of possibilities for businesses. 

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