Best Survival Games to Play


Survival projects have exploded in popularity over the past few years . The Steam library is filled with classic horror movies and new hardcore survival sims. To help the confused adventurers, we’ve rounded up the best games in this environment. If you have a computer, we would recommend you downloading and playing Rust, a pure survival video game with extraordinary graphics and visuals. Furthermore, you can also download its plug-ins and add-ons by visiting Rust plugins Oxide to get more features while playing it.

Let’s begin our best survival video games list…

Let It Die

After the overwhelming success of Dark Souls games , it was only natural that copycats would appear. Let It Die pretty much borrows most of the elements, but features fun characters and weapons.

Under the supervision of a grim reaper on a skateboard named Uncle Death, players fight their way through the treacherous tower, earning various types of weapons and armor. To survive, you will even have to eat mushrooms – they will cure poison, restore health and much more.

After the death of the player, his data and image are scattered across other worlds in the form of a formidable clone avatar. The exchange of “death data” is one of the key elements of the asynchronous multiplayer mode that the game has.

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Will To Live Online

Mocking drunks, looking for artifacts in a garbage can, drinking vodka with friends – what else do you need from life? Will To Live Online lets you do this from the comfort of your home.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic time. A terrifying man-made disaster almost destroyed civilization. Only a handful of humans and a few animal species survived, many of which turned into dangerous mutants. Does this description remind you of anything?

As some of you have already guessed, Will To Live Online is another variation of STALKER The gameplay uses one of the most common MMORPG models: talk to NPCs in cities and locations, complete their quests, mainly delivering certain items or killing monsters, get rewards and team up with other fighters.

In addition to quests, there is a completely traditional progression system. Every few levels you will receive skill points to improve your abilities. Character classes (there are four available to choose from) have their own skill tree and attributes that need to be developed, as well as to improve the skills of handling certain weapons. The game world is completely open, with the exception of safe cities such as the starting one.

No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell is a project about survival after the zombie apocalypse. This game is cruel and unforgiving, and it takes teamwork to win. You can go through it alone, but only the most experienced players can do this. So, from the very beginning, you will not be given a whole arsenal of weapons to offend the innocent undead (they also need to eat someone!).

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