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Most investors consider precious metals as safe-haven investments. While precious metals are subject to some form of volatility, they still take the lead when it comes to long-term investment choices.

However, you will need a specially designed individual retirement account (IRA) like a self-directed IRA if you wish to add precious metals to your IRA.

Adding Gold to your retirement account can secure your wealth in multiple ways, including serving as a hedge against inflation, tax advantages, and sheltering your investments from risks and volatility.

If you wish to sell your gold, you will lead a gold IRA calculator to determine its value. That said, here are some of the questions people ask about gold IRA calculators. See this link https://www.metal-res.com/gold-ira/calculator/ to get more information.

  • How does the gold IRA calculator work?

Gold IRA calculator is simply used to determine the latest value of your metal. But first, you will need to identify the weight of your gold coins or bars.

You can do so with the help of a conventional digital scale. The weight of gold is measured in Ounces (oz), Pounds (lbs.), or Kilograms (kg). Secondly, add the weight into the calculator then select the purity level of your gold.

The price of 99.99% pure gold is approximately 24 k while that of 25 % pure gold is approximately 6k (250).

  • What does melt value mean?

Melt value is also known as intrinsic value is the measure of the amount of gold in your bars or coins.it is calculated by multiplying the spot value of the gold with the standard weight of the metal.

For example, if the size of your metal is 0.8 ounces and the spot value of gold is $ 1800 then the melt value will be $ 1440. As for jewelry, the melt value can be determined by multiplying the purity percentage of your product, its total weight measured in grams, and the current value of gold in grams.

  • Is gold taxable in an IRA?

IRAs is a retirement savings plan that provides investors with tax advantages. Gains from IRA investments aren’t taxed until the money is distributed to the taxpayer.

Still, the money is taxed as per the taxpayer’s marginal tax rate. This also applies to gains from gold sold within an IRA. Keep in mind that money held in an IRA can only be withdrawn after the age of 59½ to avoid incurring a heavy tax penalty of 10%.

  • What does karat mean?

Karats are expressed as the measure of purity in precious metals. It is also the amount of gold in a bar coin or jewelry and is equal to 200 mg or 0.00643 troy oz. Pure gold has a stamping of approximately 24 karats.

A standard gold IRA calculator can measure gold purity ranging from 24 karats to 6 karats. Other examples of the most common karat stamp include 8K – 33.3% pure gold, 9K – 37.5% pure gold 10K – 41.6% pure gold, 22K – 91.6% pure gold among others.

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  • What does “scrap value “mean?

If you have an asset that you no longer use and decide to sell or salvage it, what you get after is the scrap value.in this case, you can consider selling your old jewelry for scrap value.

The buyer is most likely to melt your jewelry down and turn it into bullion. However, knowing the type of jewelry you have before selling it is essential.

By consulting with a reputable jewelry appraiser, you can get the right information about the price of your metals. Keep in mind that the resale price of your old gold jewelry might be lower than that of the actual metal.

  • How Much of Your IRA Should Include Precious Metals?

Initially, IRA was limited to holding silver coins and American Eagle gold. Today investors are allowed to include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in an IRA.

Precious metals have proven to be more lucrative and less risky unlike buying stocks or real estate. Nevertheless, should you decide to add precious metals to your IRA you should do so conventionally. Just like any other investment, it’s not wise to carry all your eggs in one basket.

Depending on your financial situation, you should only invest at least 5% to 10% of your retirement funds.

How Much of Your IRA Should Include Precious Metals

  • How do I avoid capital gains tax on gold?

If you want to sell your gold and avoid paying tax, consider using a 1031 exchange, or a self-directed Roth retirement account.

A 1031 exchange allows you to reinvest money from your gold sale by purchasing more gold. And as long as you meet the IRS requirements your transactions will be tax-free. The only time you are taxed is if you sell the metal for cash.

On the other hand, you can use your retirement accounts along with a self-directed, IRA 401K plan or SEP-IRA to sell your metal without getting taxed. You may need a custodian for your metal.

  • Is gold inheritance tax-free?

The simple answer here is no, if you sell inherited jewelry or any collectibles, you have to pay taxes on the sale gains. Click here to read more about the gold IRA calculator.


Precious metal IRAs are considered the most viable options for investors for a long-term investment. This is because precious metals are less risky and volatile compared to other forms of investments like real estate, stocks, and more. To determine the resell value of your metal, you will need the help of a Gold IRA calculator. Use this article as a guide to help you understand how the calculator works and more.

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