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Ola and Uber are the top are the two major transportation networking companies across the globe. In the current scenario, both Ola and Uber are serving their best services to the customers. In this article, we’ll discuss about Uber, and it’s customer support.

According to various reports and surveys, Uber is much better than Ola in terms of charges, quality services, and customer satisfaction. Uber always try their best to maintain flexibility between riders and drivers. We all know that safety of the riders is always the priority for this well-known company.

Uber knows that there are challenging situations when both rider or driver has to connect with a representative urgently. In such situations, Uber recently launched a 24/7 helpline for the riders and drivers. If you are an Uber rider or driver, then you should undoubtedly read this article.

Benefits of Uber 24/7 safety helpline:

According to the Uber officials, this safety helpline will be free from any glitches and technical issues. Due to which riders and drivers can easily connect with the safety representatives.

This safety helpline will connect you with the Incident Response Team of Center of Excellence in India. The Incident Response Team is blessed with trained and well-skilled representatives who are ready to help- you even in the late nights.

Whenever a rider or driver contacts Uber’s safety representatives, they will always try to solve the issues within minutes effortlessly.

This safety helpline is not like the ‘100’ number. But any Uber driver or rider will get the urgent support to resolve the issues. Apart from this safety helpline, riders and drivers can even use the in-app SOS button, which is easily available in the Safety Tool Kit.

Apart from all these beneficial points, Uber is also associated with the national emergency safety line. In simpler words, in some cases, drivers and riders can even contact the national emergency line ‘100’ to solve their issues.

What is the best way to contact the 24/7 safety helpline?

Now, we all are familiar with the 24/7 safety helpline, which consists of skilled Uber representatives. Both the riders and drivers can connect with this safety helpline, which can comfortably solve a wide range of issues.

The customer support is available in various languages. Now let’s quickly know about accessing the safety helpline.

The common way to access this helpline is the Uber application. Riders and drivers can open their Uber application and head towards the ‘Account’ section.

But, this application will only work, if your data is working flawlessly. Users can tap on the ‘Help’ section where they can find a blue phone icon in the corner.

The final step is to tap on the ‘Call support’ option. Initially, this feature was available for the drivers only. But finally, this option is also accessible for the top riders across the globe.

Some others ways to connect with the Uber Safety helpline?

Apart from top riders, Uber also takes care of general customers. As we said above, the safety helpline is available under the safety toolkit banner.

When it comes to riders, they can tap on the shield option during an emergency or accident. Once the rider clicks on the shield icon, they will be directly connected with the available Uber representatives.

The next helpline is the Uber Critical Safety Response Line, which acts as the replacement of the 24/7 safety helpline. In case, the 24/7 helpline doesn’t work; users can contact the Uber Critical Safety Response line.

This helpline number is designed especially for all the Uber riders. The representatives are well-trained by Uber to handle all the critical emergencies. It is advised that riders don’t use this number for pranks and entertainment. Therefore please connect over this helpline during emergencies.

This was brief information about Uber customer care. Now let’s know the helpline number and additional number about it.

Additional information about the Uber customer care number?

Honestly speaking, when it comes to Uber customer care, they don’t have a specific number for Indian riders. Yes, Uber drivers can contact with the Uber representatives during challenging situations. Incase, if your driver is friendly enough, they’ll help you to connect with customer care. Soon, we can expect that Uber launches a specific helpline number for all their riders. In the current scenario, riders can only connect with the Uber representatives through Safety Tool Kit.

We hope that this article is beneficial for all the Uber riders. We advise that riders should always share their trip details with their family or friends to avoid unfortunate situations. It’s the time when we would like to end this article here. Hope you have safe and comfortable rides with Uber.

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