Best App stores for iOS without Jailbreak


There are innumerable third-party applications that do not work unless you jailbreak all the iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Cydia is one such package manager app that lets you install and enjoy apps that are not available on iOS. With the announcement by Cydia Developer regarding the demise of Cydia, the users are now on a hunt for other alternatives.

Best App stores for iOS

1. AC Market

AC Market is a kind of third party App store that has a number of applications for iOS devices that are tweaked, modified and hacked. You need not jailbreak the device for using the AC market and is free to download. Also, the app from the AC Market can be downloaded for free. The apps downloaded from the AC market are free from any kind of virus and malware and are available in more than 20 languages spoken worldwide

2. Tweak Box

Tweak box is a very good alternative to Cydia and is a highly secured, fast and reliable way to download the apps that are otherwise not available on iOS devices. Even those apps that are paid on the App Store can be downloaded for free from tweak box. The hacked games are also available, however, they are not recommended to be installed as that can lead to permanent ban. Tweak Box is compatible to be used with all the devices such as iPod touch devices, iPads, iPhones

3. Zestia Step

Zestia Step is very easy, simple and user friendly and is compatible with almost all the iOS devices including iOS 12. You can install Zestia Step without connecting to the PC or Mac. Though it has a variety of apps available but the functionalities it offer are limited ones

4. iNoJB

This is a web-based app that lets you download a number of tweaked applications on the iOS devices from iOS 7.1.2 to iOS 10. It is convenient and simple to use as you don’t have to connect to the Mac or PC for installation. Though the apps available on iNoJB are limited, but it is one of the best one for easy and quick way to install the off-market apps

5. Emus4U

The various tweaked off-market apps can be quickly downloaded from Emus4U without any jailbreak. It includes a single installation package for supporting multiple devices and automatically gets adapted to the OS device that is in use. The set up and installation process of Emus4U is simple and user friendly. It has a number of advanced features such as junk cleaner, screen recorder, etc

6. AppEven

This third party app is tremendously used to download and install the off-market apps on your iOS devices. AppEven is compatible only to iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10 and iOS 9 devices and not to the ones under these versions. The functionality and number of modified apps that AppEven offers are limited.

7. AppValley

The AppValley offers a number of modified apps with advanced versions and additional number of features that are normally not available with the store versions of the native Apps. The installation process is very simple and quick and offers a wide variety of apps.

8. Asterix Installer

This is one more off-market application installer for iOS devices without jailbreaking the device. The Asterix Installer offers tons of modified and tweaked applications with additional number of features that are normally not found on the native Apps. Even the paid apps can be downloaded and installed for free through it. The customization apps that are widely available lets you simply personalize your various iOS devices.

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9. Sileo

Sileo is not a feature-packed third party application yet a very popular one. It is compatible and fully supports  64 bit iOS devices which simply implies that it can be used on iOS 11, iOS 12 and even the latest iOS 13 version. The developers have informally announced that it will support even the upcoming iOS 14 version devices.

10. Panda Helper

Panda Helper is new to this market yet it is a very popular one as it offers a wide range of applications, themes, games, music, etc. for safeguarding the information it offers full SSL encryption.


The above-mentioned app stores for iOS offers an array of off-market, tweaked, and modified applications with lots of hidden features that can be used on iOS devices. Many apps can be used together with mix and match features and probe great results.

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