How to Do an Employee Background Search Easily and Quickly?


No one wants to employ an unqualified person for a crucial job. That is why employers perform a background check before hiring a candidate. Another reason is to check the person’s criminal records to make sure there are no pending cases. 

Hiring investigating agencies or keeping up with the information centers is a lengthy process. Also, it requires a great deal of work to investigate through third parties. Thus, performing an online background check is the most reliable option for every employer.

Today’s article is on the same topic as it covers how you can perform an employee background search easily and quickly.

To give you complete information, let us share a few things about the method we will use.

Online Background Search Tool

An Online background search is a tool used in finding public information without hiring any third-party agency. The process is quite simple as you need to enter the first name and last name of your employee (or candidate) and find the information with a single search. The tool finds the information and gives you the complete details of the person. 

That’s it. There is no need to visit any investigator or to wait for a long time to perform a background search.

The best thing is that some of them are so advanced that they easily show you the person’s financial position. Also, it gathers the educational qualification details of the person as well.

We recommend Instant Checkmate and CocoFinder for the task due to their credibility and secured solutions. Here’s a brief introduction to the Instant Checkmate solution.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a trusted solution to use background search tools. It is a paid tool with an extensive database with millions of web pages. Hence, finding public information about an employee is a piece of cake for this tool. 

The user interface of this website is quite impressive that lets you perform a background search right on the homepage. Also, the platform has a toll-free number for 24/7 support to its users. Therefore, we found it as the most reliable tool for employers to do a background check online.

You can do research and use its free alternatives as well. Also, You can click here to check Instant Checkmate reviews.

Guide to Perform a Background Check

If you wish to find the public details of your employees, you need to perform an in-depth background search. With the help of the above tool, we will share the easiest guide to perform a background search.

Step1: The first step is to visit the Instant Checkmate’s website as shown in the picture below. The website is accessible with all the web browsers and can be found by a simple Google Search. However, we recommend you to visit it directly from its URL to get direct access to the website.


Step2: The next step is to click on the Criminal Records button from the homepage. It will redirect you to a page that will help you access the tool. Wait for the tool to load properly. After that, it will let you access the tool easily.

Step3: Now you need to enter the First name, Last Name of your employee. After that, you can choose the state where they live. Make sure to choose the State accounting to their legal documents as the citizen registration details are required. 

You will also find a button that says ‘this is me’. This feature is used when you want to run a background check on your profile. You can avoid this button for now and hit the search button.


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Step4: You will find a notification that asks you about the city where the person lives. Providing this information will skip a lengthy process and will deliver the results quickly. However, you can avoid this step by pressing the Skip button and wait for it to search the complete database.

After that, you will find the loading that will help you find the details related to the person. 

That’s it. It will generate a report that will show you the details of the person. You will also find a warning that informs you about the sensitive data and whether you want to check it or not.

This is the complete process of finding information using this tool. If you still face any problem, you can contact its support and get a quick solution there.


How Does it Work?

Instant Checkmate works with thousands of independent sources to find this information. When you perform a search query, the platform starts gathering all the information from different sources. This information is compared with other sources to find the most credible ones.

After finding the data, the platform starts creating a proper report that helps you access the data directly. Unlike another platform that requires you to check dozens of links for the required data, it will show a simple report to you. This is the main reason behind the popularity of the platform.

Also, you do not require to log in for a single search. After that, you need to create an account and pay the subscription for continuing the use of its services.

Is It Safe to Use?

Instant Checkmate complies with all the data protection laws and provides access to public information only. It also has an encrypted server that keeps the information related to the website. That is why it is safe to use for everyone. 

You can find the detailed ‘use of data’ in its privacy policy to learn more about it. Also, you can ask customer support about how they manage the data stored in its database.


When it comes to performing a background search, you not only require a credible platform but also a secured one. Therefore, we recommend Instant Checkmate as the ultimate solution to help you find public information.

You will easily find the required information with a single search. Also, there are different tools available on its website to help you out.

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