The Best Ergonomic Products for Working from Home


America is one of the unhealthiest countries in the world, but it’s not just because of our diets and general lack of exercise. Americans spend thirteen hours sitting every day, an amount that adds up quickly over the course of weeks and months. Sitting might be more relaxing at work, but it can also lead to chronic pain and discomfort over a prolonged period of time.

The body wasn’t meant to sit for thirteen hours per day – or anywhere near thirteen hours – and this lifestyle and result in pain the back, shoulders, lower back, head, and eyes. Stretching and frequent breaks may prevent some of this pain, but it’s not enough to truly start leading a healthier lifestyle. Instead, you should consider investing in “ergonomic” accessories for your work and home life. These pieces are designed to help your body cope with the stress you put on it every day.

Monitor Arms

One of the most unlikely pains at the office can stem from your eyes. Many people strain when looking at their computer, leading to headaches or frequent squinting and tiredness of the eyes. You can fix this problem by buying an ergonomic “monitor arm.”

This product is used to prevent pain and injury in the shoulder, lower back, and help ease the strain on your eyes from constant monitor use. In addition to easing the pain in your body, the monitor arm will also make your desk space more flexible and dynamic and can be moved anywhere when you feel it necessary. These products are designed to be easily maneuverable and take the strain off you at work.

Office Chairs

There are many different variations on office chairs. You may think your office provides nice chairs which are a great fit for your body, but even the nicest chairs can cause pain and injuries in your lower back, neck, and shoulders. These problems are especially exacerbated if you have inadequate chairs at your office. Instead, buy an ergonomic chair.

These will adjust to the proper height, weight, and movements of you for the most comfortable and productive position possible. You can even switch between these chairs and a fitness ball to maximize your muscle strength and minimize the pain as you work.

Back Pillow

Have you ever been working long hours, and have begun to feel a twinge in your neck? As if you just wanted to lie down and relax your shoulders into a sofa or bed? This feeling is common, especially for those who stare into a monitor all day.

Avoid this pain and temptation by buying an orthopedic back pillow to support your back and neck as you work. These can be easily strapped onto any desk chair and adjusted based on your measurements. You can also use your cushion in the car to minimize pain from driving during your commute.

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Seat Cushions

The neck and shoulders are not the only tender areas prone to injury when you work. Your tailbone is also supporting a fair amount of pressure and needs the support of its own during your not-so-busy days. The right seat cushion will reduce pressure on your spinal discs and support your tailbone, taking some of the pressure off.

In addition, it also pushes your pelvis forward, which supports the way your body naturally curves. If you don’t want to drive with a back pillow, consider buying a seat cushion to ease your commute and thank your butt for hoisting yours everywhere for so long.

Keyboards and Trays

Now, on to your hands. Arthritis and other similar ailments are rapidly increasing all over the country, as those with careers typing all day are starting to feel the ill effects of their long and prolonged days. An ergonomic keyboard tray is higher quality than a flat model and will provide needed benefits for your joints and hands.

They provide extra comfort for you and can be adjusted in a number of ways, including height and typing angles. If your hands and elbows are frequently sore after your days at the office, consider buying a great ergonomic keyboard to soothe and prevent such pain.


It may be in poor taste to lift your feet up as you work, but this motion actually provides great support for your lower back. Average footrests are fine for this purpose, but there are “foot machines” on the market now which can raise and lower your feet to increase circulation.

Anything can work as a footrest really, but for better results and a healthier day, you should invest in one which knows your body and can help increase circulation and comfort throughout the day.

Standing Desks

Using all of these devices while you sit is great, but one method to increase your blood flow and ease the pressure on your joints throughout the day is to simply not sit. There are a plethora of great standing desks which can be purchased for reasonable sums and improve your health while at work, all day every day.

Recent evidence has suggested that office workers should spend half of their day standing at the office and the other half sitting. This practice is next to impossible in most offices, but if you buy a standing desk, you can enjoy the health benefits while following expert advice and working more productively. These desks come in all different shapes and sizes, it’s as simple as finding one that works for you.

The American workday can be difficult to get through without a flurry of aches and pains, but there are a number of tools and accessories you can buy to ease your pain and prevent further injury down the line. Consider investing in a great ergonomic keyboard, chair, or back pillow, or simply buy a standing desk for the optimal health-enhancing office product.

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