How to Increase PPC Conversion Rate?


First of all, the PPC conversion rate is the percentage of traffic from PPC that has converted into paying/buying consumers. The conversion rate becomes 10% when you get 100 clicks from a single advertisement, with ten buyers of that product or services. The click-through rate is the percentage of people that have seen the advertisement and had clicked on it. So, if you are looking for some ideas or optimization techniques that can boost up your conversion, then the article might help you.

Run a Branded Campaign

If you don’t want your potential consumers to get an opportunity to survey on your competitor brands, then your website must be on the top of the paid search list. So, now you have guessed that the rankings on the search engine results page heavily matter to enhance the PPC conversion rate. Thus you can run a branded campaign, which will prevent your competitors from stealing away your clicks, impressions, and conversions. Thus, the brand campaign must target the keywords that concern the main service or products that people might search for. Now doing this can easily increase your visibility, CTR, and conversion rate.

Test Branded Ad Copy

The basic fact surrounds this era that we need straight forward solutions. As people have less time to scroll, so they might scroll through your advertisement if you don’t lure them with proper keyword. Thus, as a part of the branded campaign, you already know that they will look for your brand. So, all that it needs is to put the brand in the first part of the headline, as it can catch easy attention. The case gets otherwise when the brand name is in the latter part of the headline. Test results also prove that using headline in the first part had resulted in a huge spike in conversion rate. Thus, take advantage of the value that your brand carries.

Leverage Search Impression Share

The search impression share can also be an effective tool to make an influx in your conversion rate. In many instances, brands used to get a high-converting campaign with a low impression share percentage. Low impressions can affect the visibility and conversion rate.

So, you can increase your impression share percentage by adding in more budget to it that can make your ads show up more often, thereby increasing your PPC conversion rate. You consult with companies that pay per click services for better knowledge.

 Optimize Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of the page also depends on the landing page. You have to properly design your landing page to gather a considerable amount of conversion. The changes should be made in anything; all you have to do is test the changes, how well it is gaining the conversions.

Like, in a website where there are two CTA button, one for video play and the other for true call-to-action, you can minimize the size of the button for the video play, so that the attention gets towards the original CTA button.

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Target In-Market Audiences

The in-market audience is the audiences that are segmented according to their interest, research while looking into a particular product or service. So, as they give a detailed pattern of buyer’s behaviour, thus this can help you in advertising the right product or services to the right audience bring in a higher conversion rate. You can create a brand new campaign targeted for a specific audience. You can also negative bid and positive bid on certain segments according to their importance.


Thus it becomes apparent that proper visibility and top ranking becomes important for a good conversion rate.  So, yes, you can use these techniques mentioned above to amplify both your reach and sales.

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