Top 10 No-Code Platforms in 2021


We are all currently living in the era of modern technology where there is new development happening every single day. Companies can now be seen moving their software development side to no coding platforms. In this new ‘digital revolution’ no-code applications have quickly come to the forefront of it. From big-scale organizations to start-ups to even universities, no code has made it easier for everyone. What a no-code platform offers is a system of what you see is what you get. This allows a user with any kind of background to create a perfect application for any kind of organization.

Following are the top 10 no-code platforms in the year 2021

1.      TrackVia

TrackVia is a low-code and no-code platform which is used by business and IT professionals alike. The reason for this platform to be at the top spot is because it can seamlessly create a mobile or web application. The drag and drop interface makes it extremely straightforward so that anyone can use it. A few of its features include providing suggestions when needed in configuration, gives updates to already existing applications, automates the visibility, or even editing the apps.

2.      Quick Base

Quick Base is a platform where you can create both no-code and low-code applications. The reason Quick Base stands out so much is that many fundraising and non-profit organizations are involved with them. They offer a variety of budget-friendly options so that any business can get quick technical support. An appealing feature of Quick Base is that users can have complete access to edit their application in any kind of way.

3.      BettyBlocks

The main aim of BettyBlocks is to ensure that citizen developers can integrate themselves into the application building process properly. One of the most appealing aspects of this platform for users is that it is accessible from any kind of device. It is a platform that can be used by both IT professionals and citizen developers and will leave no room for irritation. A feature of this platform is that users can build upon already existing platforms. They also offer a demo for their platform.

4.      AppSheet

AppSheet is a platform that is trusted by enterprises and creators alike. They provide their users with a multitude of ways in which they can create the best application in an easy and fast manner. This seamless process is why this platform is in the position it is in.

5.      Quixy

Quixy is a platform that empowers business users no matter what their industry vertical is and builds an application without any code writing needed. It is a cloud-based platform. This platform also follows a drag and drop interface by which users can build an enterprise-grade application. An appealing feature of this platform is ready to use solutions it offers to a variety of businesses. These businesses include Education, Infrastructure, Engineering, Logistics, and even Insurance. Its quick no-code data processing capabilities and easy edits make it the reason why it attracts more users every day.

6.      Airtable

Through Airtable businesses find themselves being empowered by the solutions they offer. They promise to give optimum critical workflows and processes. An added feature that makes Airtable different from the rest is how they help with workplace relations and their team integrations. Users have also been found to be very happy with the transparency offered in the platform.

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7.      Caspio

Casio is another great all in one low-code and no-code platform which provides its user with application building features without the need to code. The platform’s aim is for every business to be able to move into the digital era by providing everything that’s needed, from workflows to operations to even logistics. So that application visualization is possible it has integrated into the cloud with all its databases. It makes sure every business has great security, amazing quality application building tools, regulatory compliance, and scalable infrastructure. The biggest selling point for this platform is its database management functions and easy-to-use features.

8.      Kissflow

Kisslfow was one of the first platforms to introduce no-coding applications to users. The reason for them being in the position they are in now is accredited to the fact that this platform was built by people who themselves found it difficult to build software and hence they understand what their users want and the problems they face. A unique feature they offer is the different types of applications their users can create.

9.      Kintone

Kintone’s goal is to empower citizen developers to make their businesses grow. It can automate business processes and can create applications by way of clicks instead of any code. It helps businesses with different departments to collaborate and cooperate by integrating them. It also enables business reporting by an integrated dashboard. For new citizen developers, Kintone offers pre-built templates and applications so that they get an idea of what they are looking to make.

10.  Filemaker

Filemaker is an endeavor of Claris that allows the sharing and creation of custom desktop and mobile applications. A very unique feature offered by Filemaker is that any organization can use this either on the cloud or on the premises, all while allowing flexibility and maximum speed. The reason for the platform to do so well amongst its users is because of its ability to retrieve information quickly, effectively synthesize a database, and also integrate any existing information into new processes. The tools of the platform are straightforward and comprehensive but the internal processes are complex. This ensures that all the information is properly treated effectively every single day.


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